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Premium Loaded is the best online platform where you will find Latest Songs, Latest Musical Videos, Latests News, Educative Articles, Interesting Stories and On Point Talks.

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Categories of Premium Loaded

  • Music Category
  • This is where we serve our members with latest Songs like Hip-Hop, Gospel, DJ Mix and others.

  • Video Category
  • The video section consist of latest Musical videos like Hip-Hop, Gospel and other videos like funny videos to entertain our users.

  • News Category
  • Our news category is to let our users be aware of what is going on within Nigeria and all around the world. News about Sports, Politics, Economy, Crime, Jobs and lots more are all available.

  • TalkZone Category
  • Here, we share some on point talks in town so that our users can contribute and some will also learn from other people experince.

  • Story Category
  • Story category consist of many Interesting Stories that our users can read and have fun

  • Article Category
  • The Article category is where we publish educative articles for the benefit of our users.

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