15 things you probably don't know about bishop david oyedepo

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15 Things You Probably Don't Know About Bishop David Oyedepo


Respectfully writing, Bishop David Oyedepo has been one of the most Powerful Men of God in Nigeria and in the whole world. The Man of God has done many miracles, and he had rescued and transformed many lives across the world.

However, most Nigerians despise Bishop David Oyedepo and his ministry for their own selfish and baseless reasons, and I exhort you, please never castigate or molest any Man of God because it brings the wrath of God upon you.

Incredibly speaking, despite people castigations against the Man of God and his ministry, Bishop David Oyedepo and his ministry keeps roaring higher and above every condemnation and castigation in the whole world.

In other words, most people just know that Bishop David Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith International, but they are many things they don't probably know about the Powerful Man of God, which they don't bother to know.

In a simpler term, these are the 15 things you probably don't know about Bishop David Oyedepo which you need to know:-

1. He was birthed from a religious mixed family, his father is a Muslim and his mother is a Christian, and surprisingly a man from a mixed religious family keeps winning souls and making waves under the canopy of God.

2. He has PhD in Human Development from the University of Honolulu in the United States of America, still some people condemn his command of English language.

3. Bishop David Oyedepo has many Men of God as his mentors, such as Enoch Adeboye, Late Benson Idahosa, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and Late Kenneth Hagin.

4. Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife, Faith Oyedepo were ordained by Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the G.O of RCCG on 17th September 1983.

5. Bishop David Oyedepo single-handedly set up three universities without government interference; Covenant University, Ota, Landmark University at Omu Aran and Crown University at Calabar.

6. He developed whitlow on a finger on his right hand, and his father gave him a charm to treat it which rejected. He wrote three exams the next day and came out with a second class division in secondary school with whitlow on his finger.

7. His sons, David Jnr and Isaac were ordained as pastors by Kenneth Copeland in May 2007.

8. During his days in secondary days, he challenged God to heal him of tuberculosis, after his fellow mates shifted their beds away from him because of his sickness, and he was healed supernaturally.

9. He is a strong critic of corruption in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, and he always condemned poor leadership in government which automatically makes him attack Nigeria's government.

10. He has bagged awards like; International Who of Intellectuals, 13th Edition of International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England and Inscribed in the Jerusalem 3000 Scroll 102268 among others.

11. His son, David Jnr pastors the London branch of the church, with his wife, Kemi.

12. He has singlehandedly written over 70 Christian, inspirational and motivational books.

13. According to Forbes, Bishop David Oyedepo was named in 2011 as the richest pastor in Nigeria, worth over $150 million.


14. He met his wife, Faith Abiola Oyedepo at a motor park, and they were happily married blessed with mighty children.


15. He was one of the associates of Pastor Enoch Adeboye dates back to the 80s.

Summarily, God's mercy and Holy Ghost keep elevating our Father, Bishop David Oyedepo regardless of whatever people utter  against him in the country and in the whole world. I repeat, never join them in condemning or castigating any Men of God.



Thank You

May God bless y'all



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