Arsenal could win premier league and fa cup next season with this lineup

  • 2 years ago

Arsenal Could Win Premier League and FA Cup Next Season with This Lineup


Arsenal suffered an unbelievable 2-3 defeat in their indoor friendly game against Brentford on Wednesday, and there are many things we learned in the friendly game.

However, the Gunners have been linked with many players in the name of strengthening their squad ahead of next season, particularly to be able to compete flawlessly and amaze football fans in Premier League and Europe next season.

In addition, the Gunners haven't reached agreement with any player yet, but they are hoping of bring one or two players to Emirates in the summer window which is about to open. Arsenal are linked with players like Willian, Draxler, Partey and many more, but regardless of how Arsenal are planning to equip their squad next season, they still have some talented players who could possibly transform the Gunners squad next season.

Players like Mari and Tierney barely featured in Arsenal's games this season as per their injury woes, and Ceballos might bounce to Real Madrid if the Gunners aren't interested in extend his loan with them, but the Gunners could still keep the Spaniard because he is kind of player Arsenal need in the midfield as per his dribbling ability and creativities.


Arsenal could possibly win Premier League and FA Cup next season with this lineup:-

Goalkeeper:- Leno

Leno has been one of the most flawless goalstoppers in England since his arrival and he's been the Gunners backbone denying goals and keep winning for the team.

Arsenal's backline has been the major biggie, so if the Gunners could secure their backline next season, then I foresee Leno having the highest clean sheet in the league next season.


Defenders:- Tierney Mari, Luiz, Mustafi and Bellerin

Mikel Artheta needs to switch formation by having three solid defenders at the back with Tierney and Bellerin on the both flanks. Mari hasn't really play alongside with Luiz and Mustafa, but Mari happened to be a great and talented defender that could help the Gunners backline in many ways, and another new face is Tierney who had a sensational season at Celtic before his arrival at Emirates.

As regards this lineup, the Gunners backline is secure enough and there won't be too many errors at the back like as Mari would be there to save Luiz and Mustafi whenever they do their things negatively, and Tierney and Bellerin would fall back. However, the backline is well endowed and strong enough to stop the oppositions next season regardless of the opposition's frontline or squad value, with Tierney and Bellerin would be going back and forth at their flank.


Midfielders:- Xhaka, Ceballos and Torreira

This Arsenal's midfield could outweighs many opposition teams next season as there won't be any breathing space for the opponent to perform in the midfield. So, since there's Ceballos in the midfield there's no need for Guendozi mainly because Ceballos is way better than Guendozi.

Xhaka and Torreira are great midfielders and ball chasers, so Ceballos would anchor the No.10 role since he is capable of dribbling, dazzling in the midfield and cutting pass the opposition, while Xhaka and Torreira would stand as defensive midfielders to disturb the opponent. We all know what Torreira is capable of doing in the midfield as his performance cannot be disputed.


Forward:- Aubameyang and Lacazette

As regards this setup, the Gunners wouldn't operate from the wings but they would oppress the opposition from the midfield as there's no winger in the formation. Using Aubameyang and Lacazette alongside with each other have been most of the Gunners dream, and he their dream could come true next season when Mikel Artheta decides to change his formation.

Playing Aubameyang alongside with Lacazette would oppress the oppositions in their boxes next season and it would make Aubameyang score many goals next season. Aubameyang+Lacazette combination would bring many goals for Arsenal, so the Gunners honcho could imbibe this formation to win trophies next season.




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