Most important things that you need to consider in your life about your destiny

  • 2 years ago

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Most Important Things That You Need to Consider in Your Life About Your Destiny


There are some things you should consider in dealing with your destiny and not all everything that happened to you relate to your destiny. There must be a system of prioritizing your destiny and how you deal with your destiny. However, your time for playing must be different from your time to read and eat, in the sense that there must be a system of doing things your life.

We all know that in this wicked world we do encounter good things and bad things, but if you really want everything to work out for you in your life then you must and need to master these most important things as per making your living on this earth worthwhile.


Here are the most important things to make our living on this planet earth worthwhile:-

Your Relationship with God:-

This ain't the most important thing but the highest, your relationship with God is the highest thing to consider in your life. Basically, your relationship with God tells a whole lots about your destiny and it guarantees your eternal life. Aside that, if you really want to prosper and make waves in this wicked world then your relationship with God must be your highest priority.

We all know that it ain't easy to make wealth in this wicked world, but if your relationship with God is still intact then you'll definitely make it regardless of what life throws at you. You need to strengthen your connection with God if your destiny is important to you and only your connection with God guarantees your peace and fulfillment.

Simply put, your relationship with God is the highest important thing to consider if you really want to make your living in this world worthwhile.


Your Relationship with your Family:-

Family is very important because it's the center of any society. Your greatest support would always come from your family, your family can never disown you and it speaks a whole lots as per your destiny and your prosperity, even if your family said they disown you it's just a psychological statement.

Both your physical and spiritual family are important in your life. However, when all the world turn back at you it would only be your family to be there for you, no matter what happens to you in this world never neglect your family if your really want to make your living worthwhile.

Destiny isn't something we should joke with, destiny determines our living on earth and neglecting your family would make you find hard and difficult to make it in life. In other words, no rich man neglect or disown his family and make it without going back to them appeasing endlessly for their mercy. In a simpler term, never neglect your family if your destiny is important to you.


Your Assignment on Earth:-

Living a goaless or frivolous life can never make you prosperous on earth. You cannot just spend your days with no purpose and you want to be wealthy, you spend your time eating, staying on internet, go out, come back home and yarn to sleep, there's no way you would make it that way. Visionary people tell sleep to wait.

You must and need to know your assignment on earth, know why God brought you to this earth and know how to set goals and targets for yourself. Begin to live a life full of goals and objectives, don't just spend your days loafing around the street.

Always set a goal per day, per week, per month and per year, set up target to reach everyday. When you are visionary it's very easy to say No to some things. Learn how to discipline yourself and don't be too available for everything that comes your way.

For instance, if Bishop David Oyedepo or Papa E.A Adeboye didn't discover their assignments on earth, what would have happened to them? In a simpler term, learn how to discipline yourself and always set goals and targets for yourself.

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