Opinion: The Three Best States To Choose For NYSC in Nigeria 

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Opinion: The Three Best States To Choose For NYSC in Nigeria 



Obviously, it's already end of the year as HND and BSc final year students would be heading to their NYSC voyages. And of course, everyone wants to choose the best state to have the best dough and best experience at the end of every month.

NYSC normally use state of origin and school to dictate the state you would be given. So, one has to be extra cautious in choosing the state he/she wants to go during his NYSC trip.

Meanwhile, there are some certain states that serve as the best states where students could undergo their NYSC service in Nigeria. Because, those states always treat NYSC corpers differently and they actually pay state allowance.

Aside that, these are states where youth corpers could get a mouthwatering jobs, or retaining of corpers for jobs after their NYSC services. So, these states are enlisted below.


Here are the 3 best states to choose for NYSC service in Nigeria:-

1. Ogun State 

Apparently, Ogun State has been seen as one of the most resourceful states in Nigeria, and it's advisable to choose Ogun State for NYSC. As, most prestigious companies have investments in Ogun State. The businesses in Ogun State are largely factories and places of production along Sango Ota, Igbesa, Iyana Iyesi and many more. There are many big companies in Ogun State, the likes of Nestlé, Viju Milk, Indomie are the rest are all situated in Ogun State, as well as Dangote’s cement. 

Thus, Ogun State is highly and heavily industrialized state. And, choosing it for NYSC could make you get job in those big companies. Although unemployment is rampant in Nigeria, but undergoing your NYSC service in Ogun State is a different case, if luckily you serve in those one of the big companies that usually accept Corp members. As, those companies are most likely to retain you for permanent job. 

Reportedly, Ogun State doesn't pay Corp members salary, but those private organizations or companies that accept youth corpers, usually pay amount close to 30,000 naira, aside Federal Government salary which is 33,000 naira.


2. Abuja

Choosing Abuja for your NYSC is really nice and good, having been the capital of the country. But, it's heavily difficult to get posted to Abuja on a mundane level. Of course, undergoing your NYSC service in Abuja would bring many things to your table, and alongside think about the cost of living. 

Abuja being the capital of the country contains many head offices, as a matter almost head office of any bodies or companies are located in Abuja. So, it's highly advisable to choose Abuja for your NYSC and it's really suitable for those craving or longing to work under the government. 

Reportedly, Abuja as well does not pay corpers. But, private organizations that accept corpers can pay close to 40,000 naira, aside the normal 33,000 naira.


3. Lagos State

Lagos State is the number one state to choose for NYSC service, I just decided to put it at number three. Of course, the Babajide Sanwo Olu state is kind of a busy state, but believe me it's the best number one state for your NYSC voyage. 

Lagos State is obviously the epicenter of Nigeria, and it contains or entails largest seaports, airports, markets, buildings and companies. As, it's really and heavily industrialized like Ogun State, even way better than Ogun State. The likes of Chiveron and other big organizations or companies are located in Lagos state. And, the percentage of being retained after your NYSC in Lagos State, in those private organizations is 88%.

Reportedly, Lagos State pays salary for corp members amount of 10,000 to 15,000 naira monthly. Aside that, private organizations or companies that accept Corp members pay as amazing as 70,000 naira, not talking of 33,000 naira from the federal government. 

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