Season restarts: all manchester united's fans should take note of this

  • 2 years ago

Season Restarts: All Manchester United's Fans Should Take Note of This


Undoubtedly, Premier League season would finally restart next week, and Manchester united would take on Tottenham away from home on Friday, June 19th. However, Manchester United are part of the Premier League Clubs that have been test running their teams standard ahead of season restarts next week, mainly to discern the areas to improve.

Meanwhile, the Reds preparations for the Premier League restart went amiss as the Reds were beaten 2-1 by Championship side, West Brom in a friendly yesterday. In addition, there are some certain things all Manchester United's fans should take note of as regards the season restarts and their aim to qualify for next season Champion League.

Thus, all Manchester United's fans should take note of the following as per season restarts:-

1. Next season Champion League qualification won't be easy as Chelsea aren't slowing down in qualifying for the Top-4.

2. Jose Mourinho's side, Tottenham won't be easy on the Reds as they visit Tottenham next week Friday.

3. Manchester united would be shocked if Tottenham Spurs defeat them unbelievably next week Friday.

4. The Reds last performance against West-Brom showed that Tottenham has already won when they face each other next week.

5. Wolverhampton would automatically make it to Top-5 if Tottenham defeat the Reds on Friday.

6. Sheffield United, Crystal Palace and Leicester City would give Manchester united tough time, and gradually their chances of qualifying for next season Champion League are lowful.

7. Chelsea would do everything in their power to retain the 4th position despite their remaining fixtures against Liverpool and Manchester City.

8. Pogba and Fernandez combination in the midfield might cost them greatly as Pogba would want to be a Champion in the midfield like outshining the Portuguese in the midfield.

9. Bruno Fernandez would find it difficult to play alongside with Pogba because of his styles of playing and that's where the problem begins for the Reds.

10. Igalo won't make to the starting XI as Ole would continue using Martial as their force No.9 regardless of his inconsistent.

11. Rashford and Fernandez alone won't take Manchester united to Top-4 as Martial is still suffering from inconsistent.

12. Manchester united should be wary of Wolverhampton because they're just leading them with just 2points.

13. Wolverhampton could overshadow United they fail to win their remaining fixtures.

Aside that, all the Reds fans should also take note of how their 9 remaining Premier League matches would be played:-

Manchester united vs Tottenham (away), Friday June 19; kick-off 20:15

Manchester united vs Sheffield United (home), Wednesday June 24; kick-off 18:00

Manchester united vs Brighton (away), Tuesday June 30; kick-off 20:15

Manchester united vs Bournemouth (home), Saturday July 4; kick-off 15:00

Manchester united vs Aston Villa (away), Wednesday July 8; kick-off 20:00

Manchester united vs Southampton (home), Saturday July 11; kick-off 15:00

Manchester united vs Crystal Palace (away), Wednesday July 15; kick-off 20:00

Manchester vs West Ham (home), Saturday July 18; kick-off 15:00

Manchester vs Leicester City (away), Sunday July 26; kick-off 15:00



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