See the three possible potential successors of bishop david oyedepo

  • 2 years ago

See the Three Possible Potential Successors of Bishop David Oyedepo


Obviously, nobody can cheat time and time awaits no one, so there's the need for vastly preparation for our departure from this Earth.

Apparently, Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel Worldwide, will soon be reaching the 70 years age mark. I'm not saying he's not going to be die anytime soon, he's my mentor and. I don't chastise Men of God, but regardless, there's a need for his successor, since according to the church's policy, no leader continues to lead after reaching the age of 70. However, I foresee Holy Spirit choosing the right successor for our father, Bishop David Oyedepo, but let's see the Top-3 people that can possibly succeed our father:-


Bishop David Abioye

Bishop David Abioye remains one of the human pillars established by God of the Living Faith Chapel. Currently, he is the overseer of the Abuja headquarters of the church. Bishop Abioye has been in the ministry for a long period of time as he followed Bishop Oyedepo in pioneering this vision. It will be no surprise if the burden of the ministry is transferred to him when Bishop Oyedepo steps aside in leadership. Over the years, He has proved reliable, dependable and trustworthy, and many have topped him as the next carrier of the mantle.



Pastor Isaac Oyedepo

Recently, Bishop David Oyedepo has boldly declared that the church is not a family business, he even went as far as saying that none of his children will succeed him. This has come as a surprise to many as two of his children are already established pastors in the church. However, there is still high probability that one of them could be elected as his successor. Pastor Isaac Oyedepo is the resident pastor of the the branch in Maryland, United States, and has proved resourceful over the years. Though the chances are slim, he remains a potential candidate for the leadership of the church.


Pastor David Oyedepo Junior

Pastor David Jr, is also one of Bishop Oyedepo's sons and the resident pastor of church headquarters in Ota, Ogun State. Even with the claims that none of his children may succeed him. There are still chances Pastor David Oyedepo Jr becomes the next carrier of the burning torch. He has been very faithful in his place as the resident pastor of the church headquarters in Ota, Ogun State, and supported the church in many ways, thereby making himself a potential successor of his father.

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