University Students Should Take Note of These Things as Schools Would Soon Resume

  • a year ago

University Students Should Take Note of These Things as Schools Would Soon Resume


It's been reported and carried out by many news sources, that ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) have already agreed to called off the strike. After, the body held an indoor meeting with Federal Government yesternight. 

Hopefully, followed by the utterance and statement released roaming online at the moment. As, ASUU can call off the strike in any time soon, in as much Federal Government quickly fulfill their vow with the University body. And finally, University Students would possibly head back to school.

It's crystal clear that this year has already ended. But, if University possibly resumes before Christmas. Then, there's a whole lot the students should look out for before Christmas, as per school activities. Many students have been jubilating and celebrating, as their heading back to school is already around the corner. And, they would definitely head back to school once Federal Government fulfill their vow.

However, there are many things the students should note as they are about to head back to school. As, obviously things would definitely change in the name of fasten the school calendar to fill the gap left by the coronavirus break and the strike.

Here are the things University students should note as schools would soon resume:-
a. There would have to be changed in the way students receive lectures, as to adhere to the Covid-19 rules and regulations. 100l students and 400l students could attend lectures on the same day, while 200l students and 300l students on the second day. In order to avoid crowds in the campus.

b. Most of the works in the lecture room would be carried out by the students, as the lectures would be busy looking for ways to balance the syllabus. In order to fill the potholes left by the strike.

c. There would definitely be policy no-face-mask no entry, as the schools would endeavor and try to adhere to wearing of face mask in the campus. And, students would have to wash their hands with water and sanitizer before passing through the school first gate.

d. There would be a rush in teaching and lecturing as to meet up with the school syllabus. Thus, tons of assignments would be dashed out to students to read and assimilate on their own, in preparing for examination. As, there wouldn't be much time to prepare for examination. 

e. All semester activities (SUG day, Departmental day etc) would be canceled, as for the students to have enough time to study and prepare vehemently for examination.

f. There would be scrapping of many things in the school syllabus (Project defence, practicals etc), in order to manage time to pave way for the new session.

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