What i adore about apostle joshua selman which you need to know

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What I Adore About Apostle Joshua Selman Which You Need to Know


There are some things we all look out for in a man before we could adore them or choose them as our idols. These are what we call attributes, there are certain attributes that attract our love for people before we could adore, honor and exalt them.

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak is literally my spiritual father, I haven't meet him though, but I listen to almost all his messages online, and there are so many things I love and adore about him. Apostle Joshua Selman is indeed a young man of God whose teachings are deep truth and show the indepth word of God.

Apostle Joshua Selman happened to be one of the youngest pastors making waves in Nigeria right now, even he's the one topping the list of youngest pastors in the country as he continues to share deep word of God, and has transformed many lives home and abroad as regards his teachings, there are many things we should exhibit from him like, his smile, his desire to see poople blessed and elevated, his love for his workers, his sacrificial lifestyle, his ability to make you feel special, his desire to see God glorified in everything he does, his sense of humor which make him obviously the best young pastor ever.

However, Apostel Joshua Selman's impact and effect on Nigerian youths cannot be overemphasized. Basically, he graduated from ABU and he has been in his voyage for the word of God for the past 9years though Eternity Nertwork International, Kiononia.

Well, I haven't been attending Kiononia and I ain't penning this article from a fans standpoint but I'm penning this article based on what I adore and love about him having listened to his messages. It's quite unfortunate that Kiononia is based at Zaria, and people like us cannot just go there from our places but we keep connecting with them in the spirit on every Friday.


In a simpler term, here are the 3 things I adore most about Apostel Joshua Selman:-


Apostel Joshua Selman is an embodiment and epitome of humility. He doesn't just teach the law of humility and honor, he indeed practice it, he always teach people to be humble. He's humble to his mother, father and his workers, he always said his mother calls him "Father" and yet he respects her.

He narrated the story of how he went to Cannanland to humble himself before Bishop David Oyedepo for him to tap from his Annoiting. I was listening to one of messages today titled "Commanding Results" and he teach flawlessly on the law of humility and how it pays. So, humility is the number one thing I trip for in Apostel Joshua Selman.


His Way of Capturing People's Mind:-

Regardless of your religious background or belief, there's no way someone would play Apostle Joshua Selman's message beside without listening to it. There's this certain gift in Apostle Joshua Selman that makes him to capture Nigerians mind easily, and we all know Nigerians are stubborn and cold hearted in nature. Apostel Joshua Selman has this ability of teaching from the scratch, he talked about the grey areas of whatever he teaches alongside with examples and instances, as a matter of fact, he was a lecturer in his first world.

For instance, my roommate in school happened to be a Muslim and he listens to his messages alongside with me because there's this thing that captivate him in the message. Apostel Joshua Selman's ability and gift of captivating people's mind makes me gush over him all the times.


His Impeccable Command of English Language:-

Apostle Joshua Selman could be tagged as my living dictionary because I learn from his vocabularies everyday when I listen to him. His impeccable and indefatigable command of English is what I admire and adore most in him. Apostle's command of English would make you desperate in learning more about English language.

Let's spare the fact that he's a graduate, most people are graduate and they cannot utter half of his utterance. His command of English language ain't from this world realm but from the realm of the spirit, like Bishop David Oyedepo and Papa Adeboye, these people command of English language aren't natural. His exposure to English language expose me to many English words which I used everyday.



May God bless my Spiritual Father, Apostle Joshua Selman.

Thank You

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