Covid-19: real reason number of cases drastically increased in lagos – banky w

  • 2 years ago

There were speculations on social media that the increase was due to the arrival of Chinese doctors in the state.

However, Banky W, responding on his Twitter page, said it was due to increase in testing capacity.


According to him, the true number of cases are much worse that Nigerians know.

His tweet read: “The numbers started soaring because we have drastically ramped up the number of tests we are doing every day, bro.

“The true numbers were always MUCH worse than what we knew.


“We were just under-testing and under-reporting because of a lack of testing capacity.”

Lagos State on Monday recorded zero cases of coronavirus which came as a surprise.

On Sunday April 19, Lagos reported seventy, the highest in twenty-four hours since the index patient case was confirmed

There are speculations that Kano May record a spike in COVID-19 cases following its record of new cases in the past few days.

As of Monday, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed there are 59 cases of Coronavirus in Kano State.

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