Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Player Of The Century Award 

  • a year ago

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Player Of The Century Award 



Obviously, hardworking and talent pays massively in football, as the Juventus forward added a new award to his cabinet. And, the award automatically makes his year worthwhile, having not finished this year with no award after losing Best FIFA player to Robert Lewandowski. 

We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen as one of the most hard-working and great players in football world. And, his focus on football always triggers some other footballers to step up in working hard and harder at their respective clubs. 

The Portuguese baller, Cristiano Ronaldo has added a new mouthwatering award to his cabinet, as he won Player of the Century Award. And, he was presented by Globe Soccer Award, as the Juventus forward has been making waves in football industry since 2001 to 2020. 

The Globe Soccer Awards are the annual awards given to amazing and talented ballers in football. And, it's usually takes place in every end of the year, to give the award to whosoever that deserves it. And, the century award has been awarded to Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Apparently, the Portuguese baller deserves the award, having been playing and performing amazingly in football for many years. And, he has never for once dropped form throughout a year without making an impact or creating a record with his club.

Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo outshined and outweighed his rival, Lionel Messi to win the award. As, we all know that these two ballers have been the most important talented and great players in football for years now. And, they have been helping their clubs respectively. But, the Portuguese baller added another award to his cabinet this year, with Player of the Century award.

Summarily, Cristiano Ronaldo wins Player of the Century award, as it was presented to him by Globe Soccer Award. For his wavering and amazing performances in football world since 2001 to 2020. 

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