Manchester united reportedly ready to keep alexis sanchez with one condition

  • 2 years ago

Manchester United Reportedly Ready to Keep Alexis Sanchez with One Condition


Manchester United signed Sanchez from Arsenal but the Chilean hasn't proven himself for the Reds as they loaned him out to Serie A, Inter Milan, but it was reported that Ole is ready to use him as a squad player after his loan with Inter Milan expires in the summer window but with some conditions.

According to the Mirror, it was reported the Red Devils have meditated on the Chilean’s future with the Reds and the club have chosen to keep him in their squad for next season with condition of playing as a back up player rather than paying him off to terminate the deal in the summer window.

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to use the Chilean next season with the condition of playing him as a back-up option and not prioritize him ahead of the younger blood. It was stated that the Reds honcho is kind of jumpy of using him and how Sanchez’s arrival could block the development of his youngsters like Dan James and Mason Greenwood.

Therefore, regardless of James and Greenwood presence, Ole will only use Alexis as a squad player who will be made to fill in for absent players or feature in games with low significance in keeping him with the Reds till next season.

Meanwhile, Sanchez goals and performance dought keeps following him as the Chilean has failed at Inter Milan, only netted 1 goal and registered 2 assists with Conte's men.

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