Ncdc announces 238 new coronavirus cases

  • 2 years ago

 NCDC has reported 328 new cases of coronavirus - Kano state recorded the highest number with 92 new cases - With this, Nigeria now has 2170 confirmed cases of #COVID19
The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reported 238 cases of the novel coronavirus in Nigeria on Friday, May 1. The new cases are among the highest to be reported in the country by the government agency. According to the report, Kano state has the highest infections with 92 cases while Federal Capital Territory, Abuja followed with 36 infections. Lagos came third with 30 infections and followed by Gome which has 16 cases. Bauchi has 10 cases while Delta has 8. Oyo recorded 6 cases while Zamfara and Sokoto have 10 cases shared between them equally. Ondo and Nassarawa also record 4 cases each.

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