Roman abrahamovic reportedly personally contact chelsea's target over stamford bridge move

  • 2 years ago

Roman Abrahamovic Reportedly Personally Contact Chelsea's Target Over Stamford Bridge Move


Chelsea are still bent on gathering forces in the name of preparing ahead of next season, as to be able to compete amazingly in any competition and mainly outshine other clubs in the league.

However, Chelsea have already signed Hakim Ziyech from Ajax, and Timo Werner's transfer to Stamford Bridge would be announced in few days, as the German International ha been removed from RB Leipzig's Champions League Squad.

Chelsea are still bent on bringing Kai Havertz to Stamford Bridge despite the fact that they already have Ziyech and Werner at their closet, they are still interested in bringing the Bayer Leverkusen's promising baller to Stamford Bridge.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Chelsea are still bent on landing Kai Havertz in the summer window, as they have lined up players to offload to fund his signing. Aside that, it was stated that Chelsea haven't made any movement in contact Bayer Leverkusen over Havertz's move to Bridge.

According to Sport Buzzer, it was reported that Chelsea's owner himself, Roman Abrahamovic has personally contacted Kai Havertz on the phone over his move to Stamford Bridge as the Chelsea's owner is eager to bring the 21-year-old German to England in the summer window.

In addition, it was stated that Roman Abrahamovic has given Frank Lampard a backup in bringing his targets to Stamford as Chelsea are still gathering reinforcement ahead of next season.

Kai Havertz is also heavily linked with Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool, but the Blues are still optimistic in bringing the German International to Stamford Bridge in the summer window.

Obviously, Kai Havertz's transfer to Stamford Bridge would bring many things to Chelsea's squad, as Chelsea's fans are hoping to see Leverkusen's promising baller alongside with Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech at Stamford Bridge next season.

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