Slovenia cyclists hold anti-government protest

  • 2 years ago

They accused Prime Minister Janez Jansa of using the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to restrict freedoms.

They have alleged that Mr Jansa is attempting to increase police powers, inciting hatred against migrants, and making personal attacks on journalists.

Slovenia enforced a strict lockdown in response to Covid-19 in mid-March, but eased some measures two weeks ago.

So far, the country has confirmed 1,450 cases of the disease and 100 deaths.

The BBC's Guy De Launey says Ljubljana is a cycling city, so protesting on two wheels made perfect sense and also allowed participants to observe social-distancing measures.

For the most part, it was a calm and good-natured affair, our correspondent adds. But the riders did chant slogans against the prime minister, including "thieves" and "down with the government".

Environmental organisations joined the protest. They have said the government has inserted clauses into emergency legislation which would block NGOs from consultations about construction projects.

The government has denied any wrongdoing.

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