Beneath the storm

  • 2 years ago

Ogooluwa village was the most hideous village in Anuoluwapo local government. No road, no light, no recognition, no well hygiene water, no successor, no any well off family. The village didn't denote the picture of its name. Poverty was embedded in Ogooluwa village. People in the village are birthed with struggle and strive. Hoping that someone will surely liberate them from their hideous state. For the purpose of surviving, the people took farming their way and farming became their blood from generation to generation.

Zaddy was one of the most hardworking farmers in the village, farming meant a lot to him, Zaddy assured that his family didn't feel much of the agony in the village, especially his wife, Maddy. Raddy, their only fruit was well brought up and knew everything about farming. Raddy was extremely intelligent and smart, since there was no alternative, Raddy committed himself farming and always optimistic to liberate the village as a whole most essentially his family.

Maddy as a real epitome of ideal woman was on her way to the river to fetch water, and she met the other side. She ran into some bandits on her way and she was abused. They raped and strangled her to death.

Words fly like unflinchingly, Zaddy was at the veranda relaxing after a hectic day.

He hasn't wide sleep, he could feel some inaudible noises outside of his house. He was really concerned and he was stunned when he saw his woman, his for better for worse. his muse, his happiness lied down wrapped with blood and many cuts. He fell down, held her head and tears touched tears. He was highly blue. Raddy stood beside his father, peering helplessly at her beloved mother without any movement, no any utterances as he bounced sobbing bitterly in the room.

"we didn't plan it like this, we planned to kicked the bucket together, we planned to take care of Raddy together, I can never take care of him alone" he grumbled.

He dedicated four moons morning his wife without farming, very desolate. People of Ogooluwa village was enamored to cater for one another and they kept checking on Zaddy every seconds, minutes and hours. Meanwhile, all their doings never replace his beloved wife.


Whenever he remembered his wife, he sobbed, sobbed and sobbed until no more tear.

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