Love drug

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Isabella, he grabbed her buttock softly, he smooched her as he pushed her tenderly towards the wall, held her firmly and caressing her lips softly, softly and softly, smooched her neck tenderly, doffed her black suit and rubbed her body outlandishly whilst she moaned, she bites her lips. She woke up, goggled through the window and beheld that it was still ungodly outside. She peered at her time if the heaven wanted to fall and marvelously it's 01:30am.

However, she was alone in her room on bed and she beheld that her pant was soaked as if it was bedraggled with something colorless. She was extremely devastated as she hops on bed started wallowing back and forth, she abruptly waged war against the bed pillow and obliterated the whole room in fury. "I cannot believe this is happening, am I really addicted to him?, am such a dickhead" she mumbled intra personally. She suffered from insomnia for the rest of that night as she fretted of having another love trauma in her dream.

Isabella was the director of Avril Groups of Company which dealt with import and export. She was one of the most alluring ladies who were barely by chance birthed into a well off family, she was a rich orphan. She always struck people's audience most especially men with her dresses and posture since there were enough of fabrics in the wardrobe bawling for wear.

When she sat down to breakfast before converting into her busy realm, she desired green tea with cereal as she grasped the napkin to pig out. Something hammered her into her hideous kingdom where everything seems to be romanticized, she reminisced her drenched pink pant and that furiously decimated her famishment.


"I don't want to see him today" she muttered.


She get in at her office but the office atmosphere was falling apart, close office depicts open office, well furnished and equipped. She was always efficacious at work, her skills were indescribable. Really, she checked her to-do list for the day and to her amazement she has to bump into him in the next few minutes, his department monthly report on sales.

She blacked out.

"Why should I cross his paths today?" she said in disarray.

She foreordained crossing his paths setup her secretary to conferred with him on the report. When she sat down at her office she was gawking through her glass wall office to see him and her secretary conferring, crappy. She scuffled into her room she was wrecked, not really, she collapsed as she hit the bed. Her baby alike clock awoke her, no any nightmare, no love drama dream, no romantic dream. She beamed.

"I'm getting over him after all" she said gladly, she winks.

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