Wealth in disguise

  • 2 years ago

It was very cool and colorful, the sky was kinda foggy and shapeless. Men and woman were heading to their destinations. Security men were everywhere to assure perfect day. It was indeed a brand new morning.

Damilola, the most exquisite and egghead girl in her family perhaps in her town as well. The word beautiful didn't quantify the beauty of her, she was really hunky as her body shapes were eyes warming and maybe eyes watering as well. No sane man on earth can resist her presence.

She always dwelt in serenity and she loved showing care and respect to others. She normally looked stunning as she chose to shunned being haggard or tatty. She had finished her academic pursuit some years back and all she wanted to pursue now is a perfect gentleman, a man that will love her unconditionally, without any strings attached. A man whose love for her will not based on sex or any unwelcome acts in a relationship.

Chief Williams who happened to be her beloved father didn't want to trivialize his affection for his daughter as he propelled her to bring a man home and if she is not in a relationship yet, she should find ways to bring a man home cause her days to be married are already counting and even above counting. Chief Williams gave her ultimatum as she has to bring a man home within the specified time given. She vowed to hunt for man who's going to love her the way she wants. She told her father that she will definitely bring a man home and Chief Williams giggled cause he knew the kind of daughter he birthed. He didn't want to give her any parental advise or tell her how to find the perfect gentleman, he believed his daughter is well grown enough to choose for herself.

Damilola left her comfort zone as she began into another trip in her life. She relocated to a town way far from her day one town. She get in the town and she used one week savvying the nooks and crannies of the town as she also kept searching for job in order to live happily without starving to death. She did the all necessary things needed to find the perfect gentleman to tie knot with as she refused to dilly dally.

She really buried her pride as she started working as a paga attendance in that town. Her kiosk was built at the center of the town in the sense that every living soul in that place must pass through her kiosk. She believed in her beauty and appearance. She started her work peacefully, technically she did not need the work, all she needs is a man who will love her unconditional and that was her sole purpose in that town. Her boss really liked her because Damilola never fault in her doings as she did everything flawlessly.

One fateful morning, after few minutes she opened her kiosk, a well groomed guy parked his white Toyota venza to withdraw money.

Damilola looked up as she beheld the guy coming her way and that's the first time a guy will approach her in that town. She liked the guy tho, he was really well groomed.

"Blessed morning ma'am" the guy said courtly

"Morning sir! What can I do for you?" she retorted respectfully

"Well, I want to withdraw money" he said as he gave his ATM card to Damilola.

He told her his pin and the exact amount to be withdrew but his eyes were all over Damilola. It was written all over his face that he really appreciates Damilola's beauty.

"Sir! Sir! Hello!" she said constantly to draw his attention but he had lost in thought.

"Oh, sorry! Don't mind me. I was carried away by your beauty. Gravely you're really beautiful. Do you live here?" He asked with a simple smile.

"Wow! Thanks sir.. Yeah, I live in this town" she said as she blushed.

"You know what? I've a long day ahead of me today.. Can I have your digit so I can be able to ring you" he proposed.

"Oh, sorry! I don't have any phone. I just start working here and I haven't collect any salary to buy a new phone for myself. But you can always come here to check on me if you want" she proffered solution.

The guy's countenance changed suddenly cause he didn't believe that a well grown lady won't have phone. That's really impossible. He accepted what Damilola said as he vamoozed.

"It seems like this one is real o" she said innerly and she waved to him bidding her farewell.

After the guy departure, Damilola was arranging her kiosk when she noticed that the guy did not take his ATM card alongside with him. She came outside to see if she could still wave him to halt but he has gone really far. She felt somehow and she pledged to keep his ATM card and present it to him whenever he comes back.

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Wealth in disguise
  • 2 years ago

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