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It was after afternoon lecture, gossip session for students most particularly ladies. There were many gists and rumors embedded in this session as students were elated about the injury time they used to gist and gossip. They were all talking about their relationship and they were all free from any bondage and yoke that may hinder them to marry anybody they desire except Halimah that wasn't permit to marry a Christian.

Halimah was from mass communication department, she wanted to study office technology management but life outshined her. She was brilliant, beautiful and allergic to having plenty guys in her wardrobe.

She didn't have any clause with her father in marrying a Christian, they were both divorced but she was living with her mother and her mother was the prime obstacle in marrying a Christian though she dire loves her mother than to disobey her because of one unseen misery. She knew dating a Christian guy in her life would be wholly waste of time as she was stuck in a dilemma.


"Halimah, don't tell me you are thinking about him again, ahn. You know dating him won't be fruitful because he is a Christian, as a matter of fact mother will not buy that idea, please let him go and comport yourself" Rahmat intervened.

Halimah was dead during the conversation as she didn't say a word and all her buddies were mocking her except Rahmat that savvy her current situation as she was trying to defend her and make her sorrow disappear.

"How in the world I fell in love with him, a Christian. I cannot even imagine myself with him. There's no way mother would condone this, and he's all I have, I really love him, what should I do?" she mumbled intra personally

She face-palmed as she was disappointed in herself.

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